Terms and Conditions

On average it takes 4 weeks from order placement to shipment. However on rare occasions it may take longer. This can be due to cold weather (the paint takes longer to cure), required parts are out of stock, mechanical break downs with equipment. The team at MyArcade will always keep you updated if the above should occur.

When placing an order work will not commence until payment has been received in full. Generally this is non-refundable, however certain circumstances may call for a refund. If MyArcade has authorized a refund a 10% cancellation fee will be deducted from your total purchase price on any “complete setup” and 15% on any “flat pack” purchase and if payment was completed via PayPal any transaction fee’s that MyArcade sustained for that purchase will also need to be paid out of the refund.

None of the “Complete Setup” options are pre-loaded with games as per copyright laws in Australia. Please see the FAQ’s section on how to add games to your custom arcade cabinet. You are required to acquire the ROM files, place them in the appropriate directories (as per instructions) and add them to the master .XML file. MyArcade is not responsible for how and where you get these ROM’s from or if you corrupt, delete etc the file structure on your control PC. You as the customer need to ensure you have the appropriate permissions to use the ROM files you place on the arcade PC. As per the instructions that come with your custom cabinet, it is your responsibility to ensure you have backed up the arcade PC in full in case or hard drive failure or virus infection. MyArcade recommends you do not connect the arcade PC to the Internet, install any “extra” software or put virus’ on the arcade PC. MyArcade will not be held responsible for loss of data on the arcade PC.

All major hardware in the custom arcade cabinet comes with it’s own manufacture warranty (all proof of purchases have been included in your cabinet). RTB (return to base) warranties require you as the customer to take the failed component out of the arcade cabinet and to your nearest service center. If there is not one in your immediate area then you be required to post / ship it to the nearest location at your expense. Any expense for an IT professional to look at the arcade PC is also the responsibility of the end user (whether it be hardware or software issues).



All “complete setup’s” will be palletized and sent via AirRoad. Once the item has been picked up from the MyArcade factory, a connote will be issued and this information will be emailed to the purchaser. AirRoad have an estimated delivery day and time that will also be communicated to the purchaser, it is your responsibility as the purchaser to ensure you (or someone else) will be home on the day of delivery.

MyArcade has paid extra for a tailgate lifter at the destination. This means AirRoad will arrive in their truck, check if someone is home to accept the delivery, (if so), then using a “pallet jack” wheel your custom arcade cabinet on to your property (generally under the carport or in a garage) and then leave. If your house has a steep driveway and the truck can not park on level ground then the unit will be unloaded on the street (or as close to your house as safely possible) and it will be up to the discretion of the driver if he can safely get the unit up the driveway to your house.

AirRoad will not help you to get the cabinet off the pallet or help you get the unit inside. If no one is home then the cabinet will be taken to the nearest depot and a “sorry we missed you card” will be left, this may attract a re-delivery fee that you as the purchaser are responsible for.

Once you have the connote number any enquires will need to be directed to AirRoad themselves (either on their website, http://www.airroad.com.au (on the home page you will see “Quick Track” where you can enter the con note number supplied) or by phone 1300 237 824) if you have to go out and delivery is scheduled for that day, call AirRoad, if delivery did not happen on the scheduled date, call AirRoad, MyArcade can not do any more than you can… call and quote the connote number and deal directly with AirRoad.

Upon delivery you have 48 hours to notify us of any damage to the cabinet (eg a forklift fork went through the side of the cabinet). Email us at sales@myarcade.net.au along with pictures for evidence and we will let you know how we will proceed.

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