Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Warranty does my new arcade cabinet come with?

A: Before you receive your brand new arcade machine our assembly team has tested various aspects of the unit for many hours. This includes opening and closing each and every game to ensure they function as they are supposed too, testing each push button and joystick to ensure they behave correctly as well as leaving the unit running for 24 hours to ensure there are no over heating issues.

Of course – as is the nature of machines – unlikely failure could occur over time. You will find invoices for the major components like the PC, LCD screen and speakers in the unit. If any of these components malfunction it is up to you to remove and return it to your nearest service centre for repair.

Q: The computer died and has been replaced, how do I reload everything?

A: When you receive your unit the first warning you see is “Perform a full backup of the PC to an external drive”, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure you have a backup. As a bonus the assembly team has placed a hidden partition on the hard drive with a full system backup before it left the factory. This can be restored using Acronis True Image (an IT professional* will be able to complete the task if you can not), however if the hard drive fails before you got around to creating the backup then is secondary backup is useless. All Microsoft Windows programs DO NOT come with any sort of warranty; we recommend not to have the arcade PC connected to the Internet, however virus (also not covered) can be transferred via USB sticks.

Q: Can I add extra games?

A: Yes you can, please click HERE for detailed instructions on how to add extra games to your system.

Q: I would like a finished full size cabinet but without the PC as I would like to program it myself – is that possible?

A: Of course, just email sales@myarcade.net.au with any requests and one of our friendly team will do everything possible to ensure your needs are met. (Please note: If you would like to use your own computer you will be required to connect the external power button to the PC, as well as the 12v feed via the standard Molex connector. You will also receive a driver’s disk and instructions for the iPac board that controls all the buttons and joysticks. We DO NOT offer any setup support; there are vast amounts of forums on the Internet that can assist you.)

Q: How do I let you know what image I would like on my arcade machine?

A: When you place an order, ensure you have added to the cart either the engraving or decal kit and one of our team will be in contact with you regarding your image selection. In some cases a complicated image may not be achievable due to limitations on the CNC machine. (We will let you know as soon as the graphics department have analysed the image)

*Customers are resposible for any costs incurred from IT professionals or return freight charges etc.

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