Welcome to “My Arcade” where we help you to create a truly unique and personalised arcade setup that is a true reflection of your passion.


We can provide a flat pack cabinet in raw 18mm MDF ready for you to assemble and add your personal flair or we can provide a fully assembled cabinet, completly painted and finished as per your specifications or a whole setup including PC preloaded and ready to enjoy!

We can cater for everyones needs… we can do as much or as little of the setup as you like.

We have four core units to choose from:

  1. Full sized / free wheeling cabinet with a 27″ LCD screen and two players
  2. Desktop version of the above cabinet.
  3. Wide Body pinball cabinet with 46″ LCD playing field, 27″ back glass and a “REAL” colour DMD
  4. Cocktail cabinet with 42″ landscape screen for two player action.

All of our units are made from 18mm MDF and are professionally cut using a TekCel CNC machine.


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